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Case Results

  • $575,000

    Settlement for a man seriously injured when his pick-up rear-ended a log truck, after our case preparation contradicted 8 witnesses for the defendant, and proved that the log truck failed to yield right of way to our client and had inadequate flags and strobe lights on the load. Read On

  • Dismissal by Judge of DUI charge

    Dismissal by Judge of DUI charge at pre-trial motion hearing, after we obtained and analyzed state's evidence and successfully argued to convince the judge that this was an illegal stop, with legitimate questions about whether client was impaired or committed any less safe driving. This was a thi... Read On

  • $450,000

    Settlement for a nice family whose children were injured in a rear end collision. Settlement funds paid the medical bills, and helped with education costs for the kids' future. Read On

  • Dismissal by Prosecutor

    Dismissal by Prosecutor of all felony charges for a physician accused of insurance fraud by the state GBI and local authorities. Even a plea to a misdemeanor would have revoked our client's state medical license, so a full dismissal of all charges was required to save client's career, his ability... Read On

  • $8 Million

    Verdict (largest in Coweta County history) for a woman killed by a tractor-trailer; served as co-counsel on the case to recover compensation for her surviving children. Read On

  • Burglary Dismissed by Prosecutor

    Dismissal by prosecutor of burglary and all felony charges against a young man accused of entering a neighbor's home and stealing electronics. After our thorough defense work, including use of evidence about our client's whereabouts at the time of event as shown by cell phone Instagram posts, we ... Read On

  • $325,000

    Settlement for a gentleman injured in a collision and temporarily unable to work in his beloved career as a Fireman/EMT. The settlement helped him and his family through difficult times financially, and helped him move on with his life and get back to his EMT career. Read On

  • $300,000

    $300,000 settlement for a man seriously injured when his vehicle hit the side of a truck and horse trailer, after we proved that the Defendant failed to yield and pulled into our client's path. Read On

  • Sentence reduced from 10 Years Prison to 1 Year

    Client faced felony aggravated assault charges concerning shooting incident with family member. The prosecutor had recommended 10 years prison, and evidence was uncontradicted that the shooting occurred, but our thorough defense work uncovered multiple mitigating circumstances about the facts of ... Read On

  • $275,000

    Settlement for a gentleman injured in a collision at a roadway construction site, due to negligent traffic control & flagging by a utility construction crew doing work at the site. The crew had removed a stop sign, and parked several large vehicles at an intersection so as to block drivers' view ... Read On

  • $240,000

    $240,000 settlement for a client due to a bicycle/tractor-trailer collision. Read On

  • Client Found Not Guilty of DUI

    Client was facing a DUI for an incident that happened on the night of his birthday. He was found asleep at a traffic light, and admitted he had some alcohol earlier after a get together with friends. The evidence appeared very incriminating, but our defense efforts showed that he was asleep at th... Read On

  • $112,500

    Settlement for a local gentleman who was injured in a collision where the other driver suddenly pulled out of a side road, causing our client to hit that vehicle. The other driver's insurance company said “we hit them“ so they fought the case and denied liability, but we gathered all the proof ne... Read On

  • $100,000

    $100,000 settlement for a client due to a pedestrian/auto collision. Read On

  • Dismissal by Prosecutor

    Dismissal by Prosecutor of a young female babysitter's felony child molestation charges, after extensive review of state's evidence and our own investigation indicated questionable allegations. The state eventually agreed to question the alleged victim further and to request a polygraph, whereupo... Read On

  • $92,000

    Settlement for a nice young lady from out of state when she was injured in a collision while traveling through the Carrollton, Georgia area. She and her fiancé were moving from one home to another, and she had her most important personal belongings in her vehicle with her, while her fiancé was dr... Read On

  • $60,000

    $60,000 settlement for a man who fell and was injured at a home supply store, after the store only offered him $500 before he hired Mr. Cummins. Read On

  • Jury Trial and Acquittal

    Jury Trial and Acquittal of 50-year-old man accused of DUI due to marijuana, after our defense efforts and our independent expert witness contradicted the state GBI expert, and proved that the marijuana found in client's blood was a metabolite of prior use, reportedly for cancer, and was not a su... Read On

  • $55,000

    $55,000 settlement for a woman injured by a falling product while she was shopping at the local store of a national chain. Read On

  • Jury Trial and Acquittal

    Jury Trial and Acquittal of young man, with engineering degree and state job at stake, accused of DUI and fleeing and attempting to elude the police, after we obtained evidence disproving the DUI, and after we presented the jury with evidence that construction on I-85 made it difficult for the yo... Read On

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