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Losing a loved one is very traumatic, especially when their death is only because someone else was careless. The State of Georgia recognizes that life is precious and valuable. Families frequently rely on financial support that was provided by the deceased. Georgia citizens work hard to support themselves and support their families, and when their lives are needlessly taken, the surviving spouse, parent or family is entitled to the full value of life of the deceased, including the income they would've earned during a lifetime of work, and they are entitled to compensation for their loss of enjoyment of life and the things they cherished doing with loved ones and friends. Families absolutely deserve to be compensated when they lose a loved one due to someone else being careless, and our firm seeks just compensation for the families left behind. In addition to Compensatory damages, sometimes Punitive damages are appropriate in a case to punish or deter careless people from causing wrongful death again.

Unfortunately, most of the time the careless parties and their insurance companies don't care about the deceased or their loved ones, and they fight hard to protect their money and not pay fair compensation. It is vitally important that the families of anyone who suffers a wrongful death retain their own attorney immediately to protect their rights, secure important evidence, and aggressively pursue their damage claims. It's also vitally important that people not talk to the careless driver's insurance company or their investigators, because those parties are not your good neighbor and they are not there to lend you a helping hand—they want to save money for their insurance company, and if possible pay no money at all or pay a smaller amount than people deserve. When people have lost a loved one due to an accident, they need to retain their own attorney as soon as possible to protect their interests. Call The Cummins Firm before you speak to the insurance company or any other interested parties.  We will make sure that the liable parties take responsibility, and do the right thing for you and your loved one.

No Fee Until We Win Your Case

The Cummins Firm is experienced, thorough and dedicated to pursuing all of the damages allowed by Georgia Law to compensate our clients for wrongful death claims. Call us for a free consultation. There is no obligation to hire us, but if you decide to retain our firm we will fight hard for you and your family, and you will owe no fee until we win your case, and at that time our fees would be an agreed percentage of the Settlement or Verdict we obtain for you. Put simply, if we don't get you any compensation, you won't owe us any attorneys' fees.

(Please note that “no fee until we win” refers only to attorneys' fees charged by the lawyers for their time & legal services. Court costs and other additional expenses of legal action usually must be paid by the client. Also, percentage or contingent fees are not permitted in all types of cases, but they are permitted in almost all wrongful death cases.)

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