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Settlement for a nice young lady from out of state when she was injured in a collision while traveling through the Carrollton, Georgia area. She was following her fiancé as they pulled out of a gas station near the interstate, and a large truck was preparing to turn into the gas station, blocking her view. The truck driver checked traffic and waved her to come out, and she did so carefully but another vehicle recklessly passed the truck and T boned our client, causing her SUV to roll up onto its passenger side, injuring her physically and causing mental trauma. The other driver's insurance company denied liability and blamed our client, saying she shouldn't have pulled out of the gas station when she couldn't see if traffic was coming. They also said that our client was not very injured physically because she had no broken bones and her medical care was primarily physical therapy, and they downplayed the mental trauma that their reckless driver caused to our client's life. The young lady's father contacted Mr. Cummins for help, after other lawyers had declined to take the case due to questions about liability and damages, and we conducted a thorough investigation of all evidence from the scene, obtained police video with statements from parties & witnesses, and we were able to prove conclusively that the other driver was at fault due to improper passing on the left in a left turn only lane. We obtained a $25,000 policy limits settlement from the other driver's minimum insurance coverage, and we obtained an additional $67,000 from our client's own UM coverage, resulting in $92,000 being paid for our client's claim, helping her move forward with her life.

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