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Personal Injury & Criminal Defense

Over 30 Years of Courtroom Experience

Experience. Work Ethic. Results.

The Cummins Firm is known for dedication to our clients and good results. Attorney D. Scott Cummins has over 30 years of courtroom experience and has helped numerous clients successfully resolve their Auto Accident & Injury Claims and their Criminal & DUI cases.  These results don't happen by accident, luck, or a half-hearted stab at helping someone—successful results for our clients come from decades of experience, a work ethic second to none, and thorough, persistent representation until we get our clients justice and the good results they deserve.  Our mission is to help people and treat clients like family, and we stand ready to help you on your Injury Claim or Criminal Case.  And the fact is, people need experienced, dedicated legal help with Auto Accident, Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Claims, and with Criminal & DUI Defense.

After an Accident the at-fault parties and careless drivers are aggressively represented by insurance companies and their teams of claim adjusters, investigators, and attorneys, all of whom are working toward one goal, to protect the at-fault party and the insurance company's money. Meanwhile, the innocent injured people are trying to deal with pain & suffering, doctor's appointments, rehabilitation, surgery, expensive medical costs, insurance claims, damaged vehicles, lost time at work and lost income, and worry about the future while trying to get back on their feet again. These people need help when they are facing the insurance companies and their defense teams who are more dedicated to protecting their billions of dollars than helping the people they hurt. That's where The Cummins Firm comes in, we stand ready to help people get treated fairly after an accident and get the compensation they deserve, so they can get back on their feet and move forward with their lives.  We have handled Auto, Truck, and Motorcycle Accident Cases for our clients for over 30 years, and have gotten good results and good compensation for our valued clients, even in cases that some lawyers considered too complicated, too difficult or too much of an uphill battle against the insurance teams.  At The Cummins Firm, we stand ready to fight for You. Call us and we'll prove it. 

The Cummins Firm also stands ready to fight for people who are facing a Criminal Charge or DUI Case. Georgia Citizens are entitled to justice, and entitled to be treated fairly when they are accused of a crime.  The State of Georgia is vigorously represented by law enforcement, professional investigators and prosecutors, and the criminal justice system is not always fair to the Accused Citizen unless they have their own lawyer, an experienced, dedicated criminal defense attorney who thoroughly reviews every aspect of the case, looks under every rock while examining the State's Evidence, and aggressively defends the Citizen and protects their rights to be treated fairly & justly.  D. Scott Cummins has over 30 years of experience in Criminal & DUI Law, and previously served as a Prosecutor of 2 courts and as a Judge of 4 courts.  Our experience on all three sides of criminal law, and our work ethic & dedication to our clients, helps clients get treated fairly by the legal system and move forward with their lives. Many people are innocent and need help proving it. Others may be guilty of one criminal charge, but not guilty of multiple other charges that are thrown at them, and they need help proving that even if they made one mistake they are not guilty of many accusations levied against them by the State. There are many mitigating facts that need to be told about their side of the story, and they deserve a second chance to move forward with life. At The Cummins Firm we help people get another chance to move forward with life after a Criminal or DUI charge.  Call us and we'll prove it. 

  • Over 30 years of Courtroom Experience

  • Former Judge and Prosecutor with proven track record of success

  • Free, confidential consultation with Attorney

  • Local Attorneys providing personal service and dedicated representation.

D. Scott Cummins has successfully handled jury trials in Newnan & Coweta County Courts all the way up to the Georgia Supreme Court. Our experience and work ethic brings successful results for our clients, and people who have seen our work—former jurors, courthouse personnel, even the police—respect our work and often call us for legal representation when they are dealing with their own accident/injury case or a criminal accusation, and many of our clients are referred by prior clients who appreciated our efforts and their good results.  At The Cummins Firm we get the job done for our clients, and we are honored to help. 


  • Very Impressive

    Scott, how can I ever thank you enough. I am so glad that I picked up the phone to call you and so thankful that you were kind enough to take my case. You and all in your organization left no stone unturned while handling my defense. I have not had much need in my life for a defense lawyer but I ... Read On

  • Positive Outcome

    Mr. Cummins, The positive outcome of my case is due to your vigorous and excellent defense. If ever I owe a debt of gratitude, it is to you for making a big difference in a very dark chapter of my life. There are very few attorneys who care so deeply about their clients' problems. It has been a p... Read On

  • Worked Hard On My Case

    Mr. Cummins, Thank you so much for your help on my accident case. Please feel free to use this letter to let people know what you and your firm did for me. I was in a bad accident with a log truck. Thanks to God and good medical care, I survived. However, when I got out of the hospital, I was st... Read On

Recent Case Results

  • Verdict (largest in Coweta County history) for a woman killed by a tractor-trailer; served as co-counsel on the case to recover compensation for her surviving children. Read On


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