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Settlement for a gentleman injured in a collision at a roadway construction site, due to negligent traffic control & flagging by a utility construction crew doing work at the site. The crew had removed a stop sign, and parked several large vehicles at an intersection so as to block drivers' view of oncoming vehicles, and the designated flagman did not have proper training on safe traffic control and waved the gentleman into the intersection where he could not see a vehicle approaching, resulting in a T-bone collision that injured our client. The utility construction company, and the roadway construction company, both denied liability for the incident, so we filed suit and pursued litigation, took depositions of their road crew employees, and their experts who said they did nothing wrong, and we retained our own accident reconstruction expert to prove that the road crews were negligent and caused the collision and injuries to our client, whereafter the liable parties paid this nice settlement for our client to pay for his medical bills, and provide compensation for his pain & suffering and help him and his family move forward with life.

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