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Worked Hard On My Case

Mr. Cummins, Thank you so much for your help on my accident case. Please feel free to use this letter to let people know what you and your firm did for me.

I was in a bad accident with a log truck. Thanks to God and good medical care, I survived. However, when I got out of the hospital, I was still facing months of rehab and over $100,000.00 in medical bills. I was out of work for a while, my pickup was totaled, and I had other bills to pay, too. I called the log truck's insurance company, but they would not pay me a dime to help with my medical bills and my recovery. They told me that the investigating Police Officers, EMT's, and several other witnesses —8 in all—said the accident was all MY fault. I knew the accident was NOT my fault, and I would need a good lawyer to help me.

I had heard good things about Mr. Cummins, so I gave him a call. I'm glad I did. He cared about me, and worked hard on my case. He looked beyond the first appearances of the accident and dug deeper into the facts and the law. Against all odds, 8 witnesses, and a big insurance defense firm from Atlanta, Mr. Cummins got me a settlement of over $575,000.00 to pay for my medical bills and recovery and help get my life back on track. Now my life is going great again, and I can financially support my wife and family. Mr. Cummins made my life better, and fought as long as it took and worked hard for me. If anyone is injured or their loved one has been killed in an accident, I would recommend them to call Scott Cummins, he will work hard for you, too.

– T. M., Griffin, GA

Former Judge & Prosecutor

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