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Client Testimonials

Very Impressed And Reassured

Dear Mr. Cummins: On behalf of myself and my husband, I am writing to thank you for your work on my case and your support during this very stressful time. Given the positive outcome of the case being dismissed, I wish I felt better than I do at the moment, but I guess that will come in time. My ego is pretty bruised at the false allegations against me. It saddens me to realize you probably deal with this on a regular basis.

When I called you I was extremely worried about my case, but I felt confident the moment I hired you 'over the phone.' When we met at your office, my husband and I as well as my two sisters were all very impressed and reassured the case would end in my favor. I have never experienced a life event such as this and pray I never will again. Having you on my side eased some of the stress I was going through. Thank you again for your hard work on this case and your kind words and support.

– P. D.

Former Judge & Prosecutor

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